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Sleep Soundly EVERY Single Night... 
With Mother Nature's 7 Most Powerful Sleep Aids
Go To Sleep Faster. Stay Asleep Longer. 
And Wake Up Feeling Refreshed.
Lying down in bed at night shouldn't make you feel FRUSTRATED... or DESPERATE.

You shouldn't feel resentful of your partner because they're sleeping at 2 a.m. and you're watching the minutes tick by on the clock.

Falling asleep is supposed to be easy, stress-free... ...and the most relaxing part of your day.

Yet according to recent studies, 1 in 3 New Zealanders report having insomnia, or difficulty sleeping, at least a few nights every single week.

Common sleep problems include:
• Having trouble falling asleep
• Having trouble staying asleep
• Inability to fall back asleep once awake
• Waking up in the middle of the night
• Waking up too early
• Not feeling rested in the morning
• Inability to concentrate & focus during the daytime
• Falling asleep at inappropriate times (like in meetings)

• Being tired, cranky, & irritable
• Low energy & fatigue
• Memory lapses
• Emotional instability
• Impaired coordination
• Frequent accidents
• Trouble staying awake while driving
... while it’s easy to recognise the signs of sleep deprivation, not everyone is aware of the health problems associated with a lack of sleep.

If not managed, a lack of sleep can begin to snowball into significant health problems lack of sleep can make you more susceptible to:

✗ Disease and illness…
✗ Aging...
✗ Compromised performance in the workplace...
✗ And important relationships in your life are affected by your exhaustion and irritability.
Think about it. Have you irritably snapped at a spouse, friend, or even a co-worker...? Are you chronically tired? Have you missed days of work due to lack of sleep? 

Are you 'just surviving' most days instead of really enjoying life? All because you're bone tired?
Then maybe it's time to stop accepting you have challenges around sleeping and start to proactively manage the situation.
You CAN Get Back To Sleep NATURALLY!
Decades of research into the science of sleep have proven:

Prescription drugs are not the only way to improve the amount of quality sleep you get each night.

There are other, more natural sleep enhancers available to you!

In fact, even though sleep is a complicated biological process and behavioral state that we still don't fully understand, decades of scientific research have uncovered a series of potent herbs and sleep hormone precursors that have been...
CLINICALLY PROVEN to help regulate your circadian sleep cycle and related biological processes... naturally!

So you can finally BREAK THE CYCLE of poor sleep, without reliance on prescription medication and the unwanted side effects that can come with it.
Start Enjoying A Restful Night’s Sleep Again, And Wake Up Feeling Refreshed... Energised... and Focused!
SLEEP Fx is the result of over a DECADE of research into the science of sleep.

It combines 7 of the most studied, clinically proven sleep-inducing herbals and hormone-precursors into one, easy-to-take nightly supplement.

These ingredients have been shown to:

Naturally help regulate your circadian sleep cycle - moving you through the four stages of sleep between four and five times per night, while making sure you spend enough time in Stage 3 (NREM) where you experience the most restorative deep sleep.
Boost your homeostatic drive to sleep - so you feel ready to sleep at bedtime, instead of wide awake!
Reduce sleep latency -- i.e. the time it takes you to fall asleep!

Increase 'alpha waves' for increased relaxation- during the first stage of sleep (N1) when you're just beginning to drift off.

Naturally lower your 'stress hormone levels (i.e. cortisol) - reducing feelings of stress, racing thoughts and anxiety. Quieting your mind, so you relax into sleep!

Inhibit the drive for wakefulness from your circadian pacemaker - so you don't wake up too early!

Noticeably increase the quantity of restorative sleep you get each night - so you wake up feeling energised, refreshed and alert.

And SLEEP Fx does NOT encourage dependency!

Instead, it helps regulate your natural circadian sleep cycle. So you're able to sleep on your own again without the need for a sleep aid!
SLEEP Fx Works Like Magic Thanks To These 7 Proven Sleep Aids... 
Just Look What's Inside The SLEEP Fx Formulation:
Magnesium Aspartate complex
Boosts And Activates Your 'Sleep Hormone' (i.e. Melatonin) While Relaxing And Calming Your Nerves!
Passion Flower
Recognised As A Herbal Sedative, It Offers Short-Term Sleep Benefits By Helping To Reduce Feelings Of Anxiety? So It's Easier To Fall Asleep!
Boosts Your 'Alpha' Brain Wave Activity, Helping You To Relax And Drift Off To Sleep With Ease ' And Enjoy Greater Focus In The Morning!
Valerian Root
Highly Regarded Natural Tranquilizer Used For Centuries To Combat Sleep Disorders And Proven In More Than 16 Clinical Studies To Improve Sleep Quality Without Side Effects!
Helps Your Body Make Serotonin And Melatonin, Increasing Your REM Sleep By As Much As 25% - So You Sleep More Deeply And Wake Feeling More Rested!
Recent research has concluded that zinc can vary the amount and the quality of sleep.
Vitamin B6
Double blind, placebo controlled studies, show significantly higher self-rated sleep quality and significantly lower tiredness on waking after using Vitamin B6 supplementation.
Just take 2 capsules approximately 30 minutes before bed each night with a 250ml glass of warm water.

And consider combining SLEEP Fx with healthy sleep habits that include no caffeine 8 hours prior to bed, no TV in the bedroom, going to bed at the same time every night, and spending the 60 minutes prior to bedtime doing a quiet, restful activity...

You should experience noticeable improvements in your sleep quality starting the very first few nights!

Wondering If SLEEP Fx Could Work For You? Here’s what it’s done for others:
 'The Best Sleep I've Had in Over 7 Years!'

I've struggled with sleep for over seven years now and I had gotten to the point where I thought that I'd never sleep normally again. I was so frustrated that I had serious doubts that your product would do anything for me. All I can say is I'm so glad I decided to give it a shot because I have not slept this well in years. Thanks again!

- Esther P.
"Sleeping Less But Waking Up Energised!"

This is like a miracle... I am sleeping less than I was before but I actually wake up feeling energised.

- Judy R.
"I Haven't Had Dreams Like This Since I Was a Child"

I had heard that natural sleep supplements stimulated dreams but I haven't had dreams like this since I was a child!

- Richard H.

How Fast Can YOU Expect Results?
SLEEP Fx is different than prescription sleep aids that are designed to knock you out cold (and leave you feeling groggy and hung over the next day).

Sleep Fx has been formulated to help gently regulate your natural circadian sleep cycle and the biological processes associated with it.

Many of our customers report sleeping better the very FIRST NIGHT they take SLEEP Fx…
If you've just recently started having trouble sleeping and the 'trigger' for this disturbance is going away, a 30-day program of SLEEP Fx is probably all you'll need.

If you have a job or ongoing stress in your life that has been affecting your sleep quality for longer than a month, we recommend a 90-day program of SLEEP Fx to get your body back into its natural rythymn.

Those clients whose jobs involve regular shift work and varied sleep schedules often choose our 6-month supply for greatest savings. Because again, SLEEP Fx is non-habit forming.

Take it for as long as is necessary to give the natural herbals and sleep hormone precursors the opportunity to restore balance to your circadian sleep cycle. And then, once you're back to sleeping peacefully at night, you can discontinue usage program.

No Side Effects To Worry About: 
No Feeling Groggy. No Concern About Addiction.

SLEEP Fx is formulated with 7 of the most well-known and clinically proven natural sleep aids all in one capsule to help restore your natural circadian sleep cycle...

...WITHOUT the side effects commonly associated with prescription drugs!

So there's...
NO feeling hungover in the morning
NO grogginess
NO confusion
NO forgetfulness
NO impact on your motor skills or coordination
NO problems waking up
NO dry mouth

And there's also NO RISK of developing an addiction - so you never need to worry about suffering withdrawal symptoms that can include nausea and 'the shakes'.
You're Invited To Try SLEEP Fx 
RISK-FREE For 60 Days!
And if you don't sleep better by the end
of those 60 days, we'll refund 100% of your money! 
If you don't experience noticeable improvements in your overall sleep quality, simply return the empty bottles with any additional bottles you ordered within 60 days of purchase for a FULL REFUND!

As mentioned earlier, in our experience, those who have been suffering with sleeplessness or mild insomnia for longer than 30 days typically experience best results on a 90-day program of SLEEP Fx.

Again, this isn't a prescription pill that will knock you out for the night and leave you feeling groggy and hung over the next morning.

SLEEP Fx has been formulated to gently regulate your natural circadian sleep cycle and restore your ability to easily and gently fall asleep each night and wake feeling rested ' without a fight!

So to encourage your commitment to a 90-day program, for a limited time we're offering a SPECIAL OFFER to those who claim a minimum 90-day supply of SLEEP Fx.
Get Started With SLEEP Fx Today!
Still Have Questions?
SLEEP Fx Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is in SLEEP Fx?
A: SLEEP Fx is a proprietary blend of Magnesium, Passionflower, 5-HTP, Valerian root, L-theanine, Zinc and Vitamin B6. The exact amounts of each ingredient can be found on the product label. *

Q: Is SLEEP Fx made with any animal products?
A: No, there are no animal products are use in SLEEP Fx.*

Q: Who should use SLEEP Fx?
A: Individuals looking to support healthy sleep patterns. *

Q: Who should not take SLEEP Fx?
A: Individuals with leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, any autoimmune disease, and pregnant or lactating women should not take SLEEP Fx. Those taking seizure medications or prescription antidepressants (SSRIs or MAOIs) should not take SLEEP Fx. This product will not improve sleep for individuals with sleep apnea. SLEEP Fx is not for use by those under age 18.*

Q: Should I take SLEEP Fx with food?
A: No, for optimal sleep your last meal should be 4 hours before going to bed.*

Q: When should SLEEP Fx be taken?
A: This product should only be taken at night. To ensure a complete night’s sleep it should be taken 6 to 8 hours before needing to wake up. Take 2 capsules on an empty stomach with 250mls of water 30 to 60 minutes before you want to fall asleep. This allows time for SLEEP Fx to begin working including helping break down undigested food to minimize indigestion or gastric reflux that could interfere with a comfortable night’s sleep.*

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: It is possible, but unlikely, that you may develop an allergy to one or more of the ingredients in this product.* Daytime sleepiness is possible if the product is taken too late at night.* 

Increased dream activity and more vivid dreams may occur as you spend more time in deep sleep.* You may wake after sleeping fewer hours than usual due to higher quality sleep. Self-waking after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep should not be automatically considered a negative effect. You will have to gauge your response to your sleep patterns and how you feel after several days.*

Do not exceed the recommended dose; exceeding the recommended dose could cause a serotonin excess imbalance.*

Q: How long can I take SLEEP Fx?
A: This product should be safe for continual use; none of the ingredients are toxic to the body or considered habit forming.*

Q: Who manufactures SLEEP Fx and can they be trusted?
A: Koru Nutrition’s team have over 32 years experience formulating and manufacturing high quality, natural health products. All Koru Nutrition products are made in New Zealand to the highest MPI and GMP standards with full risk management procedures in place from testing to sending.

Q: How long should one bottle last me?
A: The SLEEP Fx bottle you will receive is a 60-count bottle. When taking 2 capsules per night you will have a 30-day supply. It is recommended that you take SLEEP Fx consistently for best results.*

Q: Can I buy SLEEP Fx in stores?
A: No, if you would like to order SLEEP Fx please order online or call 0800 567 868 to speak to one of our Christchurch based Customer Care team.

Q: What phone number can I call if I have a customer service or billing question?
A: Please call 0800 567 868. If we are unable to take your call at that moment, leave a message and we will get back in touch you with as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I take SLEEP Fx with other medications?
A: Individuals taking seizure medications, SSRIs or MAOIs, or other prescription antidepressants should not take SLEEP Fx or any products containing Melatonin. For all other medications you will need to consult with your healthcare provider.*

Get Started With SLEEP Fx Today!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.
If you're unhappy with any of our products, simply return it within 60 days of delivery and we’ll give you a full refund. 

It’s that simple!
For all enquiries please email - or call 0800 567 868
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